“ The minute I think of a design, I come up with the materials. I like to work with leather and wood, but also with concrete. I distinguish myself with a choice of high-end, tough but beautiful materials”.

Stands for ‘Natural Raw’. This statement comprises everything Robin Sluijzer stands for as a designer. Robin Sluijzer began as a furniture maker but soon changed his direction into designing furniture and interiors. His experience he gained in various interior design studios including Piet Boon who he still sees as his first master.His own style, sense for materials and his own typical approach plus the desire for independence decides him to start his own studio 15 years ago. Robin Sluijzer is known for its exceptional use of color and the use of natural and ‘living’ materials. Robin likes to use plants, which he incorporates as icons in his projects. He always focus on detail and finishes.Each project is a new story and the client always plays the leading role. Most important for Robin is to be in-volved in every stage of the process starting from the dream, to the idea, to the design and finally to delivery.